01. There are no wolves in Great Britain; the [last] wolf was killed in Scotland in 1743.
02. The Beatles played their [last] live concert on August 29, 1966.
03. I'm a very slow runner, so I finished [last] in the race.
04. We went to a movie with friends [last] night.
05. We had two tests [last] week, but luckily, we don't have any this week.
06. My grandfather spent his [last] days at home, and died in his sleep in his own bed.
07. When she [last] spoke to her father, he was hoping to come out for Christmas.
08. Taking dance lessons is the [last] thing I want to do. I hate dancing.
09. Getting married is the [last] thing she would ever do. She enjoys her freedom too much.
10. She fought her disease right up to the [last].
11. The concert [lasted] for over three hours.
12. Your good luck can't [last]. Sooner or later things will change.
13. Our dog is quite old and sick, and we're afraid she won't [last] much longer.
14. They bought enough food to [last] the whole week while they were camping.
15. The bathroom is the [last] door on your left.
16. Don't leave your homework to the [last]. You need to get it done before you start playing video games.
17. My little brother ate the [last] of the apple pie, so I hardly got any.
18. She and her husband went to Italy for a holiday [last] summer.
19. Margaret is the [last] person I would ask to take care of the children. She's not very good with kids.
20. I hope the meeting doesn't [last] too long. I want to leave early today.
21. Studies show that cats can remember something for as long as sixteen hours, whereas a dog's memory only [lasts] five minutes.
22. An old saying reminds us that first impressions are the most [lasting].
23. Our organization works to find [lasting] solutions to poverty and injustice.
24. A Brazilian proverb notes that the joy of a poor man does not [last] long.
25. A Chinese proverb states that a day of grief [lasts] longer than a month of joy.
26. A Chinese proverb reminds us that fortune and flowers do not [last] forever.
27. A Russian proverb suggests that peace [lasts] until the army comes, and the army [lasts] until peace comes.
28. A Samoan proverb notes that stones decay, but words [last].
29. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu once noted that no entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor is any pleasure so [lasting].

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